Saturday, October 31, 2009


Membaca dan belajar amalan hidup mulia
Jadikan panduan wawasan anda
NILAM program membaca memberikan semangat

Membaca dengan jaya budaya kita
Bina tabiat membaca matlamat NILAM kita
Ganjaran yang diberi tidak terhingga
Jadi rakan pembaca juga capai jauhari
Pembaca yang bestari anugerah diberi

Menerangi jalan suram
Idaman pembaca jaya

Membaca dan belajar amalan hidup mulia
Bina tabiat membaca matlamat NILAM kita
Dunia indah sekali pasti lebih berseri
Amalan membaca menjana minda bestari

Lagu : Rosli bin Ahmad
Lirik : Nazura binti Mohamad


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  2. Replies
    1. I understand basically a little of what is going on. The only thing i don't understand, is why some people try to frame me up this way. Including lawyers. why can't they tell me the truth? I thought it ws just some game they played. And I'm struck will all these payment, but I don't want to be a donkey eating all candies and later shot dead. Least i can do with all monies i have (if I really have, i could have help many people in trouble. Honestly) I just don't like to be trapped like this. It is not fair... for all of us.

      Jian Zhuo, Can you please help us to reverse this problem. We don't want everybody become ghost. Seriously I'm thinking the plights and situations that happened to my friends all over the world (I thought it was just some internet gaming you see). I don't want to be accused of crimes or bribery that I don't commit. What Lo and some mafia VIPs did may be not honest at all.
      Business should be made for the benefit of all, businessmen can be happy running business, officers can be happy running jobs at their office. But crime... I choose to have friends and to love instead of killing etc. I don't even know what some people on top were doing and how they play the game, Jian. Seriously i don't.
      One solution I can suggest to you all. Since, there are many of you and there's only one me ( I don't have a team here you see - everybody afraid to talk to me and I donno what is going on till last minute). But I can offer you some solutions, maybe you can send someone or you yourself to speak to me in KL (I'm not allowed to go out of the country for the time being). I believe that no matter what, all lives matters and no human being should be killed etc. It is just a few arrangements to the advises, we can solve both problems. I don't even know why I am related to all the companies above? If I were a board of directors, of course I can go to the office and give real advise, rather than some people don't even tell me the truth and make fraud deals behind us. That's not fair. I don't even get paid as COO or shareholder. Time is running out, please write letter to : 7-1-18, Elaies 2, Bukit Jelutong, 40500 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. My phone, try call 01111837702 and I guess you are Jian Zhuo, correct? Do what ever fast - don't talk much online, see me in person (look, I'm also chinese here, i know how it should work fast in business). Please contact me. It's a domino effect for everybody, coz if my someone try to kill me also, it won't solve any problem.


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