Saturday, May 1, 2010


30TH APRIL 2010

Welcoming speech by MC

Doa recitation by Ustaz Najib

Speech by Head of English Panel Puan Hayma

Speech by SKB Headmaster Tuan Haji Nordin B. Yaman
and the Launching of English Week
Presentation by Year 1
Song : Old Mac Donald
Presentation by English Teachers
Song : Lean On Me
Presentation by Year 6
Sketch : PAk Pandir the village fool
Language Games by IPBA Trainees
Introduction :
English is an international language. We need to be proficient in the language to be able to access knowledge and participate in international economic activities that will ensure we have a good standard of living.
Our proficiency in English Language can be increased through programmes that we put in place. These programmes emphasise vocabulary and their sentence structure and daily useage.
1. To create pupils awareness on the importance of being proficient in the English Language.
2. To increase the usage og English throughout various activities such as competitions and language games.
3. To cultivate the love for English Language as the international language.
4. To enhance pupils proficiency in the English Language

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